Marilynn’s Meu Bandolim

I found a box in my office this morning filled with all these great CDs from my friend Marilynn Mair, complete with licorice from my friends who forwarded them to me.

Marilynn’ Meu Bandolim — Originally uploaded by LexnGer

The last time Marilynn gave me one of her CDs, it became the soundtrack to my summer. Weekend mornings I’d grab a coffee, put Enigmatica into my CD player and settle in on the deck for a morning with the sun, the music and my thoughts. So I couldn’t be more delighted to find this box of CDs waiting for me.

We are now listening to Água no feijão as we work, and I have to say it’s great music to write by!  If you hear mandolin or bandolim leaking out from our office, you’ll know who and what is adding a Brazilian beat to our day.

Want to hear what we are listening to? Check out some of Marilynn’s live recordings & mp3s.

Marilynn also sent me Meu Bandolim her first Rio-inspired CD; Leave Something Unexplained  her most personal CD yet; and The Mandolin in the 18th Century a great compilation of music from a time when of “extraordinary artistic achievent for mandolin”.

Hello surprise music and snacks!

Thank you Cathy & John, and Marilynn!

Alexa Clark

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