Mini Red Curry Meat Pies

The last batch of mini meat pies just came out of the oven and cooling for tonight’s #MeatLuk hosted by Joel.

These are a version of an appetiser I’ve served at cocktail parties in the past, but I switched it up a bit by using Thai red curry paste in lieu of the original curry powder. In fact I used the same curry paste I made for the most recent Chefs #LoveCDNbeef dish.

I need to tweak the recipe a bit more since the subtle curry flavour in the filling becomes even more subtle when it’s in the pastry. Possibly too subtle. I also made some adjustments since I didn’t have a fully stocked pantry… Eg rather than using a little coconut milk as the liquid, since I was out, I used a small amount of dried coconut in the meat mixture.

One I finish tweaking it, I’ll definitely share it though!

What do you think?