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The Beautiful Rossy! Canadian BeefGiven Chef Rossy Earle’s easy touch with beef, it wasn’t a hard to know she’d make a great addition to the Chefs #LoveCDNBeef series. When she agreed to participate I started to salivate in anticipation of what dish she’s share with us.

I met Rossy at the first Food Truck Eats event a couple of summers ago. We have a lot of friends and connections in common, but I was still unprepared for this passionate, gregarious, focused Chef to embrace me and start introducing me to her food. Traditional Panamanian and Latin dishes, flavours and techniques with an easy sophistication.

With Rossy catering and cooking all over town, her skill and range of dishes from elegant to homey is evident from the commentary and photos scattered all over the internet. Her flavours, well, that you have to get out and try for yourself.

Menu for @pancancooks #foodtruckeats

One of the things I love about Chef Rossy Earle, in addition to her ability to cook incredible food, is her generosity.  The holidays are so busy for all Chefs, as Rossy knows from personal experience.  So Rossy, being Rossy, decided that since she had a little free time she would pull together her recipe early and get it into my hands “just in case I needed it”

She's so right @pancancooks #foodtruckeats

She got it into my hands just in time for me to use it for January and given the fact I was still without a Chef for this month’s Chefs #LoveCDNBeef, Rossy saved my bacon! Or… perhaps more appropriately my beef jerky.

Food Truck Eats

I haven’t explored Panamanian food much at all, so when I got her recipe I was pretty excited at the prospect of preparing it. But more on that soon. For now take a moment to learn a little bit about Chef Rossy Earle.


Quick Fire Questions:

What is your favourite cut of Canadian Beef?

Rib Eye

What cut of beef do you think is under-utilized in home kitchens these days?

Flank, Skirt

What is your best kitchen tip for working with Canadian Beef?

Don’t overcook it, don’t load it with a million spices & make sure you let it rest before cutting into it.

How do you like your steak?

Medium Rare

What do you put on your burger?

Cheese, bacon, mayo, caramelized onions

Do you have a specific butcher, farm or vendor you go to to get your Canadian Beef?

Leavoy Rowe, Grace (Meat Market), Sanagan’s

Your favourite seasoning to use with beef?

Sea salt & cracked pepper

What do you drink with beef?

Blood.. haha just kidding Cabs

Your favourite side dish to go with a nice roast?

Roasted new potatoes and green onions

Who else does beef right, i.e. what is best restaurant (other than yours) to order Canadian beef (any style)?

Carl Heinrich (Richmond St. Station), Cowbell, Scott Vivian (Beast)

What is the most adventurous beef dish you’ve seen, made or eaten?

Umm not so much adventurous but quite tasty dish made with Biltong in Knysna, South Africa

A bit more about Rossy:

Born & raised in Panama City, Panama, Rossy prides herself in infusing Latin American flavours into whatever she creates, making it her goal to merge some of her roots into Canadian food culture.

Currently a freelance Chef working in Toronto and on developing her website & a line of bottled specialty products under the name SupiCucú, Rossy’s first product are her hotly anticipated “Diablo’s Fuego” hot sauce and it’s sweeter sister sauce “Diabla’s Kiss” hot sauce.   You can get Rossy’s hot sauces at both Culinarium and Pimenton.

Oh, and you pronounce “Rossy” as “Rosy”, but she’s kind enough not to point that out if you do it wrong.

You can find out more about Chef Rossy Earle and follow her @PanCanCooks

Ready to Serve

Canadian BeefNote: this post part of my Chefs #LoveCDNBeef on series and Canadian Beef Brand Ambassador series.  For more information on my relationship with Canada Beef Inc read about my Foodie Adventure: I’m a Canadian Beef Brand Ambassador. #LoveCdnBeef and my disclosure statement

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