Leg 3 – Saint Jean Port Joli to Hampstead – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Adventure

Now it’s time to hit the road for real since Saint Jean Port Joli, where I stopped for an already late lunch, is only about an hour outside of Quebec City and I have to make it to my friend Dani’s in Hampstead tonight.  I’ve already emailed ahead saying not to hold dinner and bought some treats since I know I’ll be getting in late and not getting much visiting time in.Travel Bunny at The Madawaska

Leg 3 - Quebec to New Brunswick - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape
I always think of these mountains as being giants sleeping.

So for this leg, I’ll show you photos because really that’s what I did. Drove and took photos.

Leg 3 - Quebec to New Brunswick - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape

A stop in Kamouraska

Travel Bunny in Kamouraska - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape
Kamouraska benches lined up for better sunset viewing weather
Leg 3 - Quebec to New Brunswick - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape
The sunset view at Kamouraska

Leg 3 - Quebec to New Brunswick - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape
Travel Bunny Settled In To Watch The Sunset in Kamouraska - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape

Kamouraska Benches - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape

It was beautiful and lovely, but it was a long haul so we couldn’t wait for sunset.

Leg 3 - Quebec to New Brunswick - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape
And back on the road

Degelis & Nouveau-Brunswick - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape

Leg 3 - Quebec to New Brunswick - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape
A quick stop before leaving Quebec
The Madawaska - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape
The Madawaska River behind the final Quebec Tourism booth before entering New Brunswick
Lex & Bun - #LexGoFurther - A Ford Escape
Lex & Travel Bunny Go Further (another 4 hours)

As we hit New Brunswick the light leaves us.

It had been a long day, but we still have about 4 hours more driving to do.

There are a couple of small adventures that happened along the way, but the biggest thing was how much I loved my high beams on these mostly unlit highways.

Trip Stats – Quebec City To Hampstead

Departure:  9:40am         Arrival: 9:32pm (10:32pm AST)
Time: 8:32h
Leg 3 Distance: 687.6km

Average Fuel: 9.1 l/100km
Distance to Empty:  149km
Gas purchased: $95 = $61 (43.916l @ $1.389) + 34 (25.972 @$1.309 )

Total Gas Costs: $151.71  (113.812l)

Odometer: 018656
Photos taken:  507
Total Distance Traveled:  1504km

Leg 3 Photos

Note: this post part of my Lex Go Further – A Ford Escape series sponsored by Ford Canada and Tourism Quebec.  If you want to know more about what trouble I get into, you can read my disclosure statement here.

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