My First Torchon

Rolled my first torchon last night as part of the next Chefs #LoveCDNBeef recipe.  I don’t normally pre-blog about these, but I was so excited to try this technique I couldn’t resist showing off my success.My First Torchon

With only 2 hands to work with, and a filling that was less torchon and more just a wet beef filling, I had to work fast as I rolled it up. I found these kitchen clips to be a much much faster solution to “tying up the ends”.

I was a little concerned about the wetness of the filling, (though I’ll tell you more about that soon) and the fact it kept spreading while I was rolling also meant a thinner torchon than the  recipe calls for, so there will be some on the fly adjustments.

It still worked like a charm!  I have solid tube of tasty tasty beef, so perfect it sproings when you touch it.

I can’t wait to use it in the next step of this recipe!

Alexa Clark

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