Day 2 Salmon Belly Day – Live Below The Line

Day 2 was spent hungry.  I got a lot done and even was out on my bike, clothes shopping and whipped up a wonderful dinner.  But I was hungry the entire time!

That’s what comes from shorting yourself, cheating yourself and eating well under your budget. Today’s food costs were more reasonable.

Food costs for day 2 = $2.82 or $1.41 per person. Still short but much better.
Day 2 - Live Below The Line


Wow, donations came flooding in on Day 2.  Thank you Leona, Heather, Anonymous and E. for your meaningful and generous contributions.

We also had some donations to our Bloggers Living Below the Line team, thank you Shannon, John and Gary & Mary!  Your support and kind words are much appreciated.

By the end of Day 2 we had raised $998 (we are past that now but I’ll make you click through to see)

Day 2 Menu


Sourdough Pancakes with Apple Compote 22¢ (44¢/2 servings)

Day 2 Breakfast - Live Below The Line

Same as Day 1, because I didn’t want to have to think about it, I just wanted to get fed and get to work. Breakfast needs to be like this for me, and luckily the pancake solution worked so well it was quick and easy to whip up again day 2. And the apple compote, while cold this time, was still excellent.


Pasta with Garlic and Green Beans (pasta con ajo y ejotes) 24¢  (47¢/2 servings)

Day 2 Lunch - Live Below The Line

This was so good on Day 1 that it was a quick and easy solution for Day 2. I suspect you’ll see this popping up again soon.


Potage Bonne Femme with Roasted Salmon Belly $1.91 (96¢/2 servings)

Potage Bonne Home w/ Salmon Belly

Note: the chives were free from my deck full of chives.

I had planned this dish to be served with sourdough bread and be enough for lunch on Day 3 as well.  But I didn’t get the bread baked and we were both so hungry we finished it.

This vichyssoise-inspired soup was outstanding. Of course, it was served hot and had 4 strips of roasted salmon belly added just before it was served. But wow! Seriously, I would make this and serve it to guests in a heartbeat.

[Recipe coming later, I promise]


Crispy Salmon Skin 0¢


The salmon skin didn’t crisp up the way we’d hoped during the roasting so Gerry pulled it off and we roasted it a bit more in the oven while the soup was cooking.  It made a great garnish but honestly, Gerry scarfed it down as a tasty salty snack while we watched Bomb Girls.

I was craving something sweet at the end of the day but the only snack type sweet I had in the Live Below The Line pantry was my raisins. Those were earmarked for breakfast Day 3.

Live Below The Line - 5 days on a $1.75 food and drink budget.

Note: this post is part of my Live Below The Line series where I will be on a $1.75 food & drink budget from April 29th-May 3rd.
This is a game for me but a serious reality for 1.4 billion people in our world today.  Help support me by donating, or supporting Second Harvest and Daily Bread Food Bank.  

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