Toronto Taste 2013 Takes Over The ROM To Do Good

One night in June, Avenue Road and the ROM turns into an gourmet grazing zone exclusively for people attending Toronto Taste and supporting Second Harvest.

Over 1000 guests. 61 chefs, restaurants and food purveyors. 32 beverage purveyors.  Over 73,000 tastes prepared. And the results of this?  Other than the killer food? (just keep scrolling for the food photos!)

Over 1 million meals delivered to Second Harvest‘s 215 partner agencies, thanks to the gross amount raised by Toronto Taste.

That is incredible!

I am one of the lucky few who get to see it all come together (and by “few” I mean: 329 volunteers, 23 staff and 19 steering committee members.)

The number of volunteers was staggering

Volunteers Getting Ready for Toronto Taste 2013

And they looked after everything from setting up the food and beverage stations,
Setting Signs for Toronto Taste 2013Toronto Taste 2013

to creating flower displays

Setting up for Toronto Taste 2013

Turning this:
Pre-setup Inside the ROM for Toronto Taste 2013

Into this:

Toronto Taste 2013

to tearing the whole event down and making Bloor and Avenue road a road again. Toronto Taste 2013 Volunteer Thanks

It hard to believe this was my 5th year involved in Toronto Taste.  Every year it’s a new experience. Sometimes because we’re at a new venue. Sometimes because of a new wave of Chefs, Vintners, Brewers and other Sponsors. Sometimes, like this year, because of all the fresh faces on the Steering Committee and at Second Harvest and our great our communications partners High Road Communications and The Brain Storm Group.

We had our team of Roving Twitter Reporters on the ground again, tweeting the dishes served and beverages poured. Huge thanks to Mark, Stacey, Zalina, Anna, Andrea, (oh that’s me), and Stella.

At The End Of The Night - Social Media Team

This year Jamie Drummond, of Good Food Revolution, joined Anna Withrow in live-tweeting pairings from the event. But he was too fast for me to catch a photo of him in action.  Though I am still waiting for that glass of red he said he’d bring back for me to try.

Wish I could have been on the floor with Anna and Jamie, or even acting as a Roving Twitter Reporter, but I had my own duties:

Lex & Chris at Toronto Taste 2013

no, that’s not the photo I meant…

The one where Chef Rob looks good - Toronto Taste 2013

no really, I was working!

Keeping this running

Toronto Taste 2013

with Zalina

Zalina in Charge - Toronto Taste 2013

from here:

Toronto Taste 2013 Wrapping up

Though that shot was from the end of the night when the line ups for the Victoria Gin Martinis

Gin & Juice @ Toronto Taste 2013

finally started to wind down.

I even had a photography “intern” Moez, who helped with some of the setup shots after he finished his official volunteer duties and before he became a guest.  Here he is later in the night with friends showing them how to pose casually.

"Don't Look At The Camera" at Toronto Taste 2013

Chefs came early and setup
Toronto Taste 2013
And Wipe Toronto Taste 2013 Toronto Taste 2013

Wine guys too
Toronto Taste 2013

And posed for a  couple of photos for me.

The Buca Crew at Toronto Taste 2013

Bob and Roger were on their games again this year as our Hosts and keeping the live auction rocking.  Roger even played a couple of tunes from his upcoming album!

Toronto Taste 2013

I even got to see a couple friends

Lifford at Toronto Taste 2013 Sodexo Crew at Toronto Taste 2013 Toronto Taste 2013Toronto Taste 2013

and get out from behind the Social Media Station to see a couple of Chefs in action Union Crew at Toronto Taste 2013 AGO Crew Getting Playful at Toronto Taste 2013 Cafe Boulud Crew at Toronto Taste 2013 Toronto Taste 2013 Chef Thanks

And taste a couple of dishes

Buca's Beautiful Eggs at Toronto Taste 2013
Toronto Taste 2013 Toronto Taste 2013 Toronto Taste 2013 Ace Bakery Incubator's dish - Toronto Taste 2013 Toronto Taste 2013 Pork Belly & Scallop - Toronto Taste 2013
Lobster Ravioli - Toronto Taste 2013

Because when it comes down to it, it’s not about the food we served, or drinks we poured,
Union at Toronto Taste 2013

it’s about the money raised for Second Harvest and the food we rescue.

Caryl at Toronto Taste 2013 Toronto Taste 2013

Yes of course there are more photos

Toronto Taste 2013

Toronto Taste 2013 and Second Harvest Thanks You


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