Hair, cut. All of Them.

It was time, possibly  well past time, to get my hair cut. I had been growing since early February!haircut

I really should have gotten out cut before my speaking engagement last week, but at least it’s done for The Royal Winter Fair, Taste Canada Cooks the Books, the Taste Canada Gala, and next Wednesday’s when I’m hosting Sharpen Your Knife Skills with CUTCO. (Yes I am shameless, thanks for noticing.)

Not to mention my stylish friend’s housewarming and my brainy friends’ game night. So many social events, obviously I need less hair.

So here it is.




And all around


Big thanks to everyone who suggested salons and stylists. I called around, did some price & availability research, and finally decided to visit Hiro Hayashi at Salon Bespoke on Yonge Street.

And I’m very happy.
He started off carefully because who really knows what someone else means when they say “make me beautiful” and “i want it funky” the first time you meet them? But after some consultation and a “just tell me if you want it Funkier” I said emphatically yes, he cut some more and tada!


So what do you think? Good? Funky?  Respecting the grey? Suits me?
(because I think yes to all of those questions)

Alexa Clark

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