Florida or Bust – Following Along Live

Florida or Bust, or possibly bustin’ to go to Florida.

We’ll well past excited now.  We’ve cooked the meals, we’ve hugged the ‘rents, we’ve shoveled and shuffled and shuddered in the ice storm (granted nowhere nearly as much as many of our friends!)

Since we’re going, we’re eager to get going.  I’m mid-pack and then it’s a short drive to our friend’s for an early morning start tomorrow.

Toronto to Wellington - Florida or Bust


I won’t be doing all the driving on this #LexGoFurther, and I will have both my favourite travel companions, Travel Bunny and Gerry. Which means I get to play with cameras and share as we travel. When there is WIFI that is.  (Have you seen the prices for roaming lately?)

Since it was so much fun on my last major road trip, I decided to share our driving, exploring, eating, photographing adventure most of the time we’re on the road.

Want to join in?  Use both hashtags #FloridaorBust #LexGoFurther, leaving you 113 characters to be the helpful, entertaining, snarky, and sarcastic crew I know you are.  For example:

Hey, who picked two hastags for this silliness? If I use  #FloridaorBust AND #LexGoFurther leaves me no room to…

I’ll be tweeting and instagraming  but I know you aren’t ALL on twitter, I thought I’d try and plunk in a live stream of twitter feeds here and see how that works.   (If it’s not working, I’ll try and fix it tonight – let’s see if this works!)

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