HoHoTO on Thursday!

HoHoTO in 2 days on Dec 19th!?!? Really?  HoHoTO is always one of the best parties in town, and this year will be no exception but it has come on so fast. I guess it’s because because I’m not right in the thick of it.   I’ve been pretty quiet about HoHoTO this year, at least quiet compared to years past.


As you may know, the original band of founders and organisers made the call to retire HoHoTO earlier this fall. The immediate response across the Internet was an outcry of “Save HoHoTO!”  In fact, the hashtag #SaveHoHoTO was even trending in Toronto for a little while.

The overwhelming community response that HoHoTO could not end!

That Daily Bread Food Bank still needed HoHoTO

and we all needed a holiday party we can talk about for the rest of the year.


From that outcry a great group of new organisers came forward and took the reins.   The new organisers, all fresh-faced and full of energy, included sponsors, past volunteers and a cohort of past HoHoTOers who wouldn’t let the “party that twitter build” fade into retirement.


They even started a reclaim-the-meme meme.

And I started seeing HoHoTO promotion in the wild (like meeting someone on a crammed Queen Streetcar wearing this)

Spotted in the wild. #HoHoTO @hohoto @mlapasa

On December 19th (yes, in 2 days), HoHoTO will be taking over the Mod Club for the 6th year and I can’t wait to go!  And for the first time in 6 years, my December is being spent cheering HoHoTO rather than fundraising, lugging, packing, promoting and organising for HoHoTO.

It’s going to be a fantastic night filled with cocktails, music, dancing.  I get to put on my sparkles and do my hair (at home rather than in the Mod Club).  I get to chat with friends new and old (without rushing to give away more raffle prizes).  Hey I might even win a couple of prizes (those raffle prizes look fantastic)!

I even get to see HoHoTO slightly revisioned by a new crew and that’s something I simply can’t wait to see.

And of course, I’m excited to see how much our community is supporting Daily Bread Food Bank too!

Buy Tickets! Now to figure out what to wear?

What is HoHoTO?

Well here’s a little video about year 1.

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