Hay Boat – #TBT

Hay on a Boat - 1970s/1980s

When you have livestock on a small island, transporting the hay you need isn’t as easy as just having it delivered. Or even driving to pick it up. You need a hay boat.

Here’s a little Throwback Thursday photo to the late 70s and early 80s when we hauled hay for the sheep and ponies to the island.

Never one to waste a crossing, my dad stacked bails of hay into every available boat, crevice and flat surface.

If memory serves, Dad left the area open by the wheel to stand and steer,  and left an area in front of the wheel to the bow of the boat to see where he was going. (On the left side of the boat). Oh and I think someone (probably Tom) sat at the bow watching for rocks and deadheads. At least the hay made it a comfie seat.

Luckily it was a fairly calm day or this would have required at least 3 crossings for just this load, and if memory serves there were at least 2 or 3 loads this size to get in all the hay for bedding and feed each fall.

Alexa Clark

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