How to cross the city during the marathon

Toronto Marathon Runners

The usual way:

Plan something important and time sensitive that requires you to cross university avenue  before or just as the ttc starts opens running Sunday morning

Forget about the marathon

Forget about TTC restrictions on Sunday morning

Get on your regular route before having a coffee

Look dazed when the streetcar driver tells you or just implies there is some sort of something going on

Overhear him telling a tourist that _the marathon is on you can’t get there”

Start swearing

Listen to other people swearing

Try and explain what’s going on to people who don’t speak much English (or any other language you have, so you aren’t really all that much help)

Realize a cab through the marathon is going to be outrageously expensive, but seriously consider it anyway.

Get on the subway

Go to a stop you rarely visit and/or that is under construction.

Get instructions that include “see that arrow?” And you see 10 arrows.

Ask 3 more times.

Finally find the hidden hallway you need in the new construction.

Get on streetcar headed west about 30 minutes later than you needed.

The easy way: run the marathon


Alexa Clark

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