Wedding Saris – #TBT

For today’s #TBT I dug into the files to my friend Harish’s wedding in 2005. One of my favourite photos.
My friend @bhudeo  asked if I wore a Punjabi suit.
I did not, even though Harish and his family offered to take me shopping for a sari. I thought about it but after some consideration I was worried about feeling like I was in a costume being a cultural tourist, rather than being fully present celebrating my friend’s day. Silly maybe but true.
Maybe next time I’ll get a sari. They are so beautiful and I’d love to have opportunities to wear one without feeling like I’m dressed up in a costume.

Alexa Clark

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Saris – #TBT

  • November 21, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    i remember that day… so magical… except for the part where we had to sit in separate areas


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