Dinner in the Sky – Summerlicious 2008 Launch

[From on July 3, 2008, originally published on CheapEats Toronto ]

I just returned from what is probably the most invigorating breakfast I have ever had, all to launch Amex’s (July 4-20). But more on that later… right now I’m still buzzing from eating yoghurt & granola 50metres above .

As part of ‘s launch of , I was invited to have breakfast in the sky with Dinner in the Sky.

I’ve been waiting to try a since I read about it being launched in London, so when I was invited to come out for it’s launch in Canada, it was hard to control my enthusiasm.

I watched the previous breakfast crowd come back down to earth, amidst questions of whether we would be able to go up ourselves: party because of the rain that was starting, but largely because of the winds! Breakfast was almost cancelled due to wind.

But before we got seated, the decision was made that we’d be fine and 22 of us were seated, strapped in with 3 separate seat belts.
Strapped in and ready to be hoisted 50m into the sky
And hoisted up, up and up!

Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky Toronto 2008

Then the champagne was popped and we all cheered, while I gripped the edge of the table tightly.

Alexa Clark above Yonge Dundas Square at Summerlicious Launch

The chef, server, photographer & safety guy were walking around in the centre of the table looking after us all.

We were served yogurt, granola & fruit with pastries and we ate our breakfast, sipped our mimosas and snapped photos to our hearts content. All while dangling in the air on level with the huge billboards that surround .

The chairs even swiveled all the way around so you could dangle your feet and feel truly adventurous.

Which was easier for the trimmer folks in the crowd, since my plus-sized tummy was crammed right up against the table and I felt a little like I didn’t quite fit in the chair. Others didn’t have the same “overflowing” feeling and got quite adventurous about swiveling and leaning.

Look waaaaay down, 50 metres to Yonge Dundas Square

It was the most invigorating breakfast I’ve every had and definitely one of my top 10 dining experiences so far.  The food was okay, the company was great and the view was spectacular. And it just got better when I relaxed enough to swing my chair around a bit.

This is a not to be missed dining experience and a fantastic way to build some buzz around Summerlicious.

Thanks to , & for the invite!

Dinner in the Sky Toronto 2008

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