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One of the big things for me around working with a great ingredient like Ontario Corn-Fed Beef is exploring recipes. For this Ontario Corn-Fed Beef post,  I turned to one of my favourite fall dishes: Khao Soi.

Ready to serve Khao Soi

Khao Soi is a Northern Thai/Laotian noodle soup dish with big chunks of coconut milk braised beef in a fragrant coconut curry broth over tender egg noodles, garnished with crispy noodles, fresh lime and diced shallots. As the weather turns colder I love bowls of hearty and flavourful Khao Soi.

I was introduced to the dish by Alan Liu of Salad King & Linda who was adding it to their menu. It was an instant favourite.
Khao Soi @ Salad King
Now while at the time they were serving it as a beef dish, traditionally, Khao Soi can be made with either chicken (khao soi gai) or beef (khao soi nuea). These days, Salad King is serving their Khao Soi with chicken, which while lovely, isn’t the one we want when the craving hits.

So when the opportunity to work with Ontario Corn-Fed Beef came up, I knew I’d be trying to recreate this dish and share it with you. So I reached out to Alan and asked if he could share their recipe with me.

This recipe is inspired by Salad King’s Khao Soi with coconut milk braised beef and Alan Liu of Salad King & Linda was kind enough to share their Khao Soi broth recipe to get us started.

For this dish, I recommend using a braising or stewing cut of Ontario Corn-Fed Beef. These are more flavourful and generally less expensive cuts. I found a great deal on a boneless blade roast so I used that.
Khao Soi Ingredients

Khao Soi with Ontario Corn-Fed Beef

(serves 4-6)

Khao Soi Garnished

Khao Soi Braised Beef

Pro-tip – don’t shake your coconut milk before opening it. Instead open carefully and scoop out the thick coconut cream that has risen to the top. Then use it as your cooking oil to kick start the flavour development in your curry paste and aromatics.

  • 1-2 lb beef – cubed into 1/2 – 1″ cubes
  • 3c coconut milk
  • 1 c beef stock
  • 1T red curry paste
  • 3 cloves of garlic – diced
  • 3T fish sauce
  • 1T palm sugar (or brown sugar)

Heat 2-3 T of the thick coconut cream in your braising pan (if you didn’t get any coconut cream use oil)

Add red curry paste and cook until fragrant.

Add beef, coat and cook until the beef starts changing colour

Add fish sauce and palm sugar and stir until mixed in

Add the remaining coconut milk and bring to a boil

Drop to a simmer, cover, and braise the beef for 1.5-2 hours either on the stovetop or in the oven at 300.

At this point, the beef is tender and tasty. You can finish the dish immediately, but if you have the patience, it will be better tomorrow.

Note: if you want to do a quicker version, and have left over cooked beef – roast or steak or brisket – you can simply cut it up and add it to the broth. It won’t be as complexly flavoured, but it will be much faster. (And use up those left overs)

Khao Soi Beef Broth Base

(makes about 3L of soup)
Khao Soi Ingredients

  • 8c beef stock
  • 2T red curry paste
  • 1T curry powder
  • 2 1/4 c coconut milk
  • 5T palm sugar (or brown sugar)
  • 5T fish sauce
  • 5T oyster sauce
  • ½T shrimp paste (optional)

Bring beef stock to a boil.

Add all other ingredients and mix to combine.

Drop temperature to medium and simmer for 5 minutes.

Add braised beef and the braising liquid.

Bring back up to a simmer and leave simmering while you prepare the noodles


(per serving)

  • 7 oz egg noodle
  • oil

Add  1-inch of oil to a small wok or pot and heat to med-high

When hot, add 1 ounce of egg noodles per serving to the oil and fry until puffed up (about 1-2 minutes)

Remove from oil and rest on paper towel covered plate.

Bring a pot of water to a boil

Sdd remaining egg noodles to boiling water

Boil for 3-4 minutes until noodles are cooked.

Drain and separate into individual soup bowls

Garnish for the Khao Soi


  • lime wedge
  • shallots – minced
  • cilantro
  • (optional) pickled mustard greens marinated with touch of galangal (thai ginger), sesame oil, sugar
  • (optional) dried shrimps to taste
  • (optional) pickled shallots

Ladle broth and beef over the noodles and garnish with a lime wedge, some cilantro, minced shallots, and optionally pickled mustard greens, pickled shalotts, and/or dried shrimp.

Top with fried egg noodles.

As with many Thai dishes, this Khao Soi recipe leaves a lot of room for personal preference.

Want it spicier? Add more red curry paste when you make the broth, or to your own bowl.
Don’t like cilantro? Skip it.
Gluten-free? Use rice noodles instead of the traditional egg noodles.

Another great thing about this dish is that once you’ve made it, everything can be reheated easily. Simply add fresh cooked noodles to make for a quick, easy and complex meal that feels like you spent hours on it.

Khao Soi ready

Ontario Corn-Fed Beef

Note:  this post is sponsored by Ontario Corn Fed Beef. Read the other posts in the Ontario Corn Fed Beef series.  For more information on my relationship with brands please, read my disclosure statement


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