A Treat to Dine in Ontario’s Lake Country

During the #LetsGoMaple retreat we were treated to some fantastic food. From Apres Ski smores and hot chocolate at Horseshoe Resort to a full curated dinner at St. Germain’s Steakhouse.

Here are my favourites from the 3-day eating excursion:

St. Germain‘s curated dinner

Each of these courses, one after another, was excellent. This is the second time I’ve eaten at St. Germains and both times the food, and the service, has been excellent.

St. Germain's Appetizer - LetsGoMaple
Diver scallop crudo, kumquat, winter radish, thai chili, mint, shiso, pink peppercorn, citrus vodka shooter, parmesan asiago crisp.
St. Germain's - LetsGoMaple
Crispy brussel sprouts, smoked ricotta, cipollini onion, dukkah, pancetta, pomegranate, chervil, locla maple syrup gastrique
St. Germain's Main - LetsGoMaple
Duo of sous vide Alberta beef tenderloin, maple-braised short rib, Jerusalem artichoke puree, King oyster mushroom, carrot, turnip, charred leek powder
St. Germain's Dessert - LetsGoMaple
Triple Chocolate pyramid, maple creme brulee, grand marnier-inflused cirtus tiramisu, sugar crisp

St. Germain's - LetsGoMaple (8)

Both times the meal has been set, so I’m really looking forward to visiting sometime and exploring the menu.

Fresh maple syrup at Shaw’s Maple Bush

There’s nothing better than warm, fresh maple syrup! Not on a cold, early morning as you are getting ready for adventures.

This was my first visit to a sugar bush even though I make my own syrup. So this was my first Sugar Bush Breakfast and I was not disappointed.

Syrup Delivery at Shaw's Maple Bush - LetsGoMaple

The syrup came to the table first, so I was sampling before my breakfast hit the table. I had mine on french toast and in baked beans.

Maple Syrup on French Toast at Shaw's Maple Bush - LetsGoMaple

Maple Baked Beans at Shaw's Maple Bush - LetsGoMaple

Others chose pancakes.

Pancakes at Shaw's Maple Bush - LetsGoMaple

Craig put it in his coffee. All great options.

Breakfast at Shaw's Sugar Bush - LetsGoMaple

Mango-passionfruit elixir at Casino Rama

This was one of the many room treats we found when we got back to our rooms at Casino Rama from our adventures of the day.

Mango Passionfruit Elixir from Casino Rama - LetsGoMaple

I don’t know if these treats from the catering teams were pulled together just for us or if this is something Casino Rama does for other special guests and high rollers, but I do know I couldn’t wait to see what surprise was going to be waiting in my room for me every day.

Wood-fired pizza pizza pizza at Rustico Pizza Vino

Rustico Pizza Vino PIzza Oven - LetsGoMaple

We were treated to so many pizza options at Rustico Pizza Vino. So. Many. Options.

Pizza at Rustico Pizza Vino - LetsGoMaple

With all the pizzas flying around, I’m sure there were at least 8 varieties on the table. All too far away from me on the table. Or perhaps, just the right distance so I didn’t devour them all. Sadly I also didn’t get to photograph them all.

Rustico Pizza Vino PIzza - LetsGoMapleRustico Pizza Vino PIzza - LetsGoMaple

I got to try 3 – Diavola, Prosciutto and Romano Balsamic. (I think those are the 3 above)
My favourite was the Diavola with San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, hot salami, black olives, chili flakes, fresh basil.

Apple crumble at Grape and Olive

The final dish from our dinner at the Grape and Olive was a perfect wrap up to the meal: apple crumble.

Grape and Olive Apple Crumble - LetsGoMaple

We were offered a chocolate cake too, which I hear was lovely and was certainly very pretty. But this homey, traditional, warm apple crumble was the perfect comfort food ending to the meal.

Margarita at Crazy Horse

Jenna from Casino Rama mentioned that the Crazy Horse margaritas were a summer treat. I refuse to be limited by season (for cocktails anyway), and I was very happy I’m a rebel. I just had to fight people off.

Crazy Horse Margarita - LetsGoMaple

Smores and hot chocolate at the Cider Shack Apres Patio

After a long day of outdoor activities in early March, there is nothing better than sitting around a big hot fire with smores and hot chocolate. It’s iconic. There is a great spot at the Horseshoe Resort called the Cider Shack Apres Patio which is set up just for this!

Cider Shack Apres Patio - LetsGoMaple

We got little smore making bundles and there’s nothing better than toasting marshmallows to a golden brown over a hot fire. I love it so much I’ll toast other people’s marshmallows just for fun!

Smores - LetsGoMaple


This was the perfect little sugar and caffeine rush we all needed. As is evidenced by how silly things became Apres.

Craig and Marc and whip cream - LetsGoMaple

Have I mentioned that I love my friends lately? It’s great when occasionally the silliest photo in a post isn’t of me.

Nutella Pizza Doughnuts at Rustico Pizza Vino

Seriously, these things were SO good it’s painful. Even writing this is making my mouth water. After eating 2 pieces from a shared plate, another plate came out. I said I would like another piece, and the whole plate was put in front of me.

Nutella Pizza Doughnuts at Rustico Pizza Vino

I tried to share… no one was taking. And I didn’t want them to go to waste. So they didn’t.  These are worth the drive to Orillia.

You can see why I called this a 3-day eating excursion, and these are only my favourite things from the trip.

Ontario's Lake Country

Note:  this experience and post were sponsored by Ontario‘s Lake Country and our stay was sponsored by Casino Rama.  All the food and beverages mentioned above, except the margarita, were part of this experience aka I didn’t pay for them.  For more information on my relationship with organisations and brands please, read my disclosure statement

Thanks to my fellow #LetsGoMaple attendees for letting me use your photos: Jenn Annis, Craig Silva, and Linda Cassidy

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