Game of Thrones or Dinner is Coming?

We claimed the Iron Throne for our own when we found it at Loblaws 60 Carlton!

Now is not the time to hesitate”, I exclaimed as I pushed the barriers down and claimed the throne as my own. Then insisted someone “take my likeness and be quick about it!”

Lex Game of Thrones at Loblaws

We saw the posters on the way in, and given that I was there for a quick medical clinic visit to get test results, it was the perfect distraction. (Don’t worry, all is good.)

Loblaws Dinner is Coming Game of Thrones

But you know I was posing, asking questions and grilling the staff as they setup for the in-store promotion. And forcing Gerry up on the throne, as any good spouse will do when there is power to be grasped. They didn’t know what hit them! But while no one rushed to get us a mug of mead, they did cheer on encouragingly as we moved right in as Lord and Lady of the Loblaws.

Gerry Game of Thrones at Loblaws (2)

Our neighbourhood Loblaws just happens to be the flagship store and has some of the best promotions going. This is all for their Dinner is Coming viewing party in store on August 27th, and their curated meals – feast-worthy dishes themed around Game of Thrones which you can pick up and take home to enjoy in your own castle or keep.

Dinner is Coming - loblaws

It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun and I’d be at the viewing party in the beat of a dragon’s wing. Unfortunately, I’ll be on Farmcation. I asked if they will have the curated dinners at other stores just in case I can get in on the take-home curated meal fun (and besides I know others who would enjoy this who aren’t in downtown Toronto). But sadly the answer was “no”. The Dinner is Coming/ Dinner is Here meals are only available at the Loblaws at Church & Carleton. I don’t know what they are serving at the viewing party, or in the Dinner is Here meals.

So, now the question is: what will I make for my Game of Thrones Finale feast?
What are you eating for the Finale?

Note: this is not a sponsored post, I really do push my way into these posing and UGC situations and make poor Gerry participate too. I’m lucky to have such a patience and playful partner. As you can see from his pose, it was such a hardship to make him get into that throne. 

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