Ontario Apple Ambassador

I’m so excited to announce that the Ontario Apple Growers Association asked if I would be an Ontario Apple Ambassador! They reached out to ask if I would be interested in helping to spread the word on Ontario apples and you know I JUMPED on that opportunity.

Apples are one of my favourite fruit and I love them in so many ways from fresh from the tree to baked between flaky pieces of pastry to aged and fermented served sparkling in a glass. Yes, I’m talking cider, which I reach for the way most Canadians reach for beer.

I have so many happy memories of finding overgrown hidden apple orchards when out and exploring with my dad. The can-on-a-stick picking tool that let me, at 4 years old, pick apples high up in the tree branches without bruising the apple or damaging the tree. Walking to the school bus, down the hill, through the orchard and picking an Alexander apple for lunch. They are an old and huge variety. So big, in fact, we called them “Pie Apples” because we could make an entire pie from 1 apple. (Thank you Rose for that reminder, because I was so young I didn’t remember the varieties we had in the orchard just the apples and the trees)

The joy I get picking apples has created a standing deal with Gerry, my spouse.

No matter where we are going, or how long the road trip is, if I see a pick-it-yourself apple orchard, we can stop and I can pick as many apples as I want, as long as he can have apple crumble on demand. (And he does demand, regularly. But I don’t complain, even though I do prefer pie.)

Enough stories, for now. Onto the apples!

Join me for a Live Apple Tasting on Instagram – Monday Feb 22 @ 7pm

I will be hosting a Live Apple Tasting on Instagram Live Monday February 22nd at 7pm on Lexnger. You can join in and taste along with any apples you have on hand, but if you have a chance, grab some Ontario Galas, Ambrosias, McIntoshes, and Honeycrisps and you and I can taste together!

Note: this post is part of my Ontario Apple Grower’s Association Ambassador series. For more information and disclosure on my relationship please take a second and read this post and my Disclosure statement

Alexa Clark

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