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I think it’s important to be up front and transparent about any involvement in organisations or companies that might intentionally or unintentionally effect what I have to say. It would be outrageous to say that I am unbiased, since bias is part of what creates opinion, preference and taste, but I work hard to keep my biases visible and obvious, and where my work is involved to mitigate their influence. Here is my commitment: I will disclose my material relationships and make every effort to be transparent.

So here are my disclosures about my own endeavours:

  • I consult through my firm Ellipsis Interactive Consulting. If I am talking about any of my clients, their products or industry, I will disclose the fact that they are a client.
  • I am the founder, publisher & editor of CheapEats Restaurant GuidesCheapEats Toronto & CheapEats Ottawa – and it’s publishing company Plethora Press.
  • I run and co-founded the Secret Pickle Supper Club with Chef Matt Kantor – so I get a little excited and sometimes vocal about the Secret Pickle, the venues and vendors we partner with,  and my good friend, and excellent chef, Matt Kantor.

So here are my disclosures about businesses I have relationships with:

Here are a few past associations:

  • I have done work with Longo’s. I’m got insider access to Longo’s and received a monthly gift card to explore their stores and products in order to blog about it twice a month.  More details about this relationship are outlined here on unsweetened.ca, where you can also read all my Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador posts.
  • I have done work with Ford Canada who provided me with the use of a Ford Escape for an extended road trip.  More details on that are on unsweetened.ca and under the hashtag #LexGoFurther on twitter and Pinterest.
  • I have done work with CUTCO Canada and Cooking with CUTCO. I received compensation for the work I did with CUTCO.  More details about this relationship are outlined here on unsweetened.ca.
  • I am one of the founders and original organisers of HoHoTO which is a third-party fundraiser for the Daily Bread Food Bank. I am no longer an organiser, but I still promote it to help raise money for Daily Bread.

I also occasionally:

  • receive samples, temporary loan of product for evaluation, swag and invitations to previews and media events for other brands and companies.

This site and the associated social media accounts that link here are mine alone, they don’t represent the thoughts, views, opinions or practices of my employer (who is me anyway), friends, family, children (which I don’t have), minions (which I do have), pets, or any alien influence (to the best of my knowledge).

If you’d like to reach me, you can email lex at plethorapress dot com.

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