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Week 4Ways 4ways to Ethiopian
Thursday's Metro Who Put These In My Bike?

What a wonderful week last week was.  Lots of time with friends, 2 birthdays (Nada’s & P.Jama‘s)

But I’m pretty sure my bike was partying while I was attending P.Jama‘s celebration. When I got back to it at 3am, my bike was waiting all innocent like in front of St. Mike’s to take me home. But in it’s basket, I found that last set of 3 photos. Even more telling is that my bike wobbled and wiggled all the way home.  Obviously, since it couldn’t cycle a straight line, my bike had been drinking.  I wonder what other mischief it gets up to when  I’m not around.

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Alexa Clark

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One thought on “Last Week 4Ways 4Ways

  • September 19, 2006 at 3:09 am

    If I find out that your bike was out with this girl who stood me up tonight, I’ll be looking for more details.
    On the other hand, while I was waiting for her, Rusty (do you remember Him by that name? Marion’s protege?) dropped by the bar I was waiting at, among various other L-, C-, and media- folk from The Hill. Or course, Mr. B doesn’t actually know me, so it didn’t really mean that much to anyone else … other details by email, if interested …


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