We found St. Laurent

Today we found St. Laurent Boulevard… only a block or two the other direction… and much more our style than St. Denis.  Which, while lovely is a little too trendy (read pricey) for complete relaxation.  St. Laurent however is filled with food shops… just our speed.

As we walked along the street we had to stop and stare in this window at the Chicken on the Grill – This photo does NOT capture how mouth watering this window filled with grilling chicken looked.  Boy oh boy, do we want to try this chicken. Sadly, the lineup is out the door and onto the street, and I just got stung by a yellow jacket. Onto the PharmaPrix.

As we leave the PharmaPrix, we spot The Main across the street.  We’re definitely coming back here for the 10,95$ rib steak… yes indeedie.  (Little did we know that "The Main" is often touted as the more authentic Montreal deli when compared with Schwartz’s which is considered "more for the tourists these days".  More on that later in the day.

As we wandered down St. Laurent, Gerry found a new Favourite Cheese Shop.  Which also had lots and lots of other goodies. This time the free samples were sausage, for me and were served by a deli-man. 


Could possibly be considered an art shot… but it’s in focus, so … not so much.

Lunch Al Fresco with Gale Force Winds

In the heavy winds and beautiful sunlight we got a 2-for-1 special lunch.

Ger ordered the Steak Prince Arthur.

Souvlaki on rue Prince Arthur

Lunching at this BYOBeer spot was a high spot of this vacation for Ger.

Parisian Burger

Serious grease burger, this. Burger topped with fried onions, mushrooms, bacon and cream cheese… oh ya, they did throw on some lettuce for colour.  Our response to it? It’s okay, but if you threw a little boursin in lieu of the cream cheese, then you’d have a winner. Jaded, that’s what we are.

Mustard upon Mustard Which we scooped and took home for mid-afternoon bagette snacking.

At The Main Manges Gerry, manges!

You can see him searching left and right for boursin as he heads in for another bite.

Boreale Draft The Beer Guy

Ger’s Anonomus Beer Critic photo. Now we just have to get him the job.

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