Is The Party Over?

Remember yesterday when I listed all the attention I was getting from Rannie & roro?  Well, minutes after posting that I found out that the sale of on eBay.was noted in yesterday’s Internet Daily column by . For Sale

As per my conversation yesterday with Rohan, Baranko started the article with “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.” Not exactly the media endorsement to buy-buy-buy that I’d like to see, but predictable given the performance of the show in the last season and the general downward slide away from Business lessons towards soap-opera drama which has caused me to lose interest.

However with the new season starting ~fresh~ on the west coast this might the perfect opportunity for Mark Burnett to revive The Apprentice, like he has done repeatedly with Survivor. It’s unlikely that they will swing as far back towards business as I, and the previously untapped viewer demographic of professionals making $100K+, would like to see.  However, there is still a strong audience base of people who want the drama and to see executives screw up bad.

Interestingly enough, someone has already commented on that they are disappointed about the publicity because they are interested in buying the site cheap.Hey, it’s still going for just over $200. That’s damned cheap for a site that already generates $30-300 in Google Ads per month.

Personally, I’m pretty excited that this is getting some media attention. Now it’s time to see if I can drum up some more.

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Alexa Clark

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