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I have recently started using Instagram more.  After balking the trend and lamenting loudly, and frequently, about Instagram’s lack of collaborative, community-building and searching tools, I finally caved.   I blame the Food Bloggers of Canada conference. Well, that and Instagram’s slick and quick interface which makes it so easy to share a photo and push it out onto my social spaces. (Where I can collaborate and build communities).

Since I’m just getting rolling with Instagram it’s one of the few (only?) social media spaces where I have less than 500 followers AND where I have a higher follow-to-follower ratio.  It’s kind of neat to come to the party late  and see what you guys have done with the place.  If you are an Instagrammer please feel free to connect (assuming of course you that you like what I’m shooting which usually includes much more food).

This recent conversion also means that  when I leave town with my camera battery firmly settled into it’s charger on my desk at work, sometimes the only photos I have are on Instagram.

For those of you not already following me over there, I thought I’d share some of the photos I’ve taken and shared via Instagram over the last week. (But also hosted on Flickr because that’s how I roll.)

My morning talking twitter at #oaaconf2013

Look what arrived yesterday. Samples of the new @PresChoice summer products. Time to start sampling!

A little mall marsala for lunch between errands.

Take a moment to smell the blossoms! (my morning stop on the way into the office)

Lunch time - a little kung pao to make the day sing.

This morning I was bowled over by the lilacs. So fragrant and so beautiful.

Today's hit of nature.

And a little bun for lunch

Travel Bunny is on the go again! Via @via_rail, quite possibly our favourite way to travel. Though kayaking is nice too.

I love libraries with courtyards.  Sadly they didn't have this one when I lived around the corner. #Kingston #CalvinPark

A little makeup shopping and my arm looks like impressionist art. hey, I didn't say good impressionist art. #eyeMakeupOfTheBeholder

Quick visit to @farmgirlfood at the new (okay 1 year old) memorial centre farmers market in #Kingston @mcfm303

May is national burger month. Right on! (found in the Whig Standard, by @sbats1 + Tara Curran)

Why is leaving always so much harder? cc @via_rail #TravelBunny



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  • May 21, 2013 at 5:45 pm

    hey! i’m not in any of your photos! are you sure this is your account?


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