Day 13 – Townies

Okay, it’s official, Peter is sick. He must have caught it from dad… who is still sick. Bunch of sickies. I am rough and tough and feeling fine. No honestly, I’m fine… it’s just that when I cough no one believes me.

Dimc mentioned first thing this morning (7am) that she had an idea – she could meet us back at her house at around 4pm and we could all go on a pub-crawl. “That sounds good, let’s see how Peter is doing this afternoon,” I said. (Have you ever noticed that in my stories, I’m always the voice of reason… cool eh?) By 9am the entire South End had been invited to join in. Perhaps I exaggerate… but only slightly. However due to Peter’s state, the pub-crawl is cancelled.

Di’s mom’s b’day is Sunday so while Di is at work I attempted (and mostly succeeded!) in making 3 layers of cake for her b’day cake. Di’s mom is a professional cake baker. So of course… no cake mix… it’s all from scratch. Why do I get myself into these traps all the time?!? I followed Di’s instructions and the recipe scrupulously… muttering under my breath the whole time that there was absolutely NO way to get the butter & sugar together so you couldn’t feel the sugar crystals between your finger tips… Well there is – but in a Saint John kitchen in March it involves a sink full of hot water and running back and forth between the mixer and the sink trying to find that gentle balance between warm enough and not melted. When I regained consciousness it was 2pm. The cakes are a beautiful golden brown, likely denser than hoped…

Quick trip to the market for greens and stuff to augment the wonderful roasted chicken Di made for us for dinner.

Di's Roasted Chicken

Have I mentioned how great it is having a professional chef for a friend. Yup, I’m spoiled! Hot Rum Toddies for Peter, Dark & Stormies for me and Rum for Di. Molly hiding in the computer room with the A-team: Alaurea and Amy.

A quick jaunt around the South end and over to look at Partridge Island through the dark dank night from Tin Can Beach near the sugar refinery. It was magical. Then a quick stop at a corner store to grab some molasses cookies to dip in our King Cole when we got home. Ah… what a lovely night. Who needs a pub crawl!

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