Spam, It’s What’s For Lunch (#65 Rope Friends In)

I’ve been inspired again by Maggie Mason.  She has started a series of Spam Header Posts where she lists some of the more interesting & amusing spam headers she has been getting.

I too have been playing with the idea of spam headers as fodder for blogging.  Specifically I’d love to see the real content for some of the spam I get.

Eg. for Maggie’s example of Hot Potato Corroborate, I speculate the body of the post could start off…

Today in the heavily contested Kramer vrs Kramer case, more commonly known as Birthday Party Games Gone Wrong, it was necessary for the Hot Potato himself to take the stand….

So, dear readers, I issue this challenge to you:  pick a spam header that you’ve gotten via email or on your blog that you really wish had real content, or that amuses you, and fill in the blanks.


Write me a Spam Header Inspired Post.

Then so I know what to read either add a link to your post in the comments below, or trackback.

p.s. I wish I had a picture of spam for this one.

Alexa Clark

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