30 Days Of Status

For those of you not familiar with , one of the most amusing features, when used properly, is the status update.  It’s similar to , but every status update must begin with “Alexa is…” 

Some of my friends are masters of the status update which can be funny, enigmatic or just painfully true. 

Since I have been rather quiet on the blog as of late, I figured I’d give you a little hit of Status Updates.  Feel free to respond by answering the question “What are you doing?”

May 6 – Alexa is sitting by the fire listening to the dogs howl.6:17am

May 7 – Alexa is off-line, off-grid, and . 8:03am

May 8 – Alexa is flying to TO. 7:23pm – Alexa is early and waiting for her gate to clear. 9:42pm 

May 9 – Alexa is happy to be wired again. 8:21am – Alexa is terrified the photobank ate all her photos. 10:11am – Alexa is considering a backup strategy. 11:18am

May 10 – Alexa is sipping an iced cappuccino at Jet Fuel. 11:56am -Alexa is really happy her camera was still in her bike basket… after 20 minutes… ACK! 12:22pm – Alexa is trying not to overload people with island photos. 12:52pm

May 11 – Alexa is killing time waiting for the courier. 4:48pm

May 12 – Alexa is catching up. 7:39am

May 13 – Alexa is spending the day with the in-laws. 9:03am

May 14 – Alexa is wondering why she’s been up since 4am. 6:51am – Alexa is sipping an at . 12:20pm

May 15 – Alexa is unused to allergies. What does it mean when you can’t defog your eyes? 3:06pm

May 16 – Alexa is wondering why, if we have all these boxes, we don’t have a fort! 8:18am – Alexa is wobbly but she won’t fall down. 8:59am

May 17 – Alexa is contemplating offer of a free “creative haircut”. 2:50pm

May 18 – Alexa is WAY too excited about tonight’s screening of . You coming? 9:32am

May 19 – Alexa is sitting on the deck, sipping coffee and enjoying some alone time while the rest of the household is in dreamland. 11:11am – Alexa is waiting for to start. 2:03pm – Alexa is disappointed that she’s disappointed. 4:50pm

May 20 – Alexa is tired. 8:35am – Alexa is park sitting. 12:31pm

May 21 – Alexa is experiencing just another manic Monday… er…Tuesday. 10:50am – Alexa is wondering how, exactly, she leaned on a wasp. 2:08pm

May 22 – Alexa is impaled by swag. Family friendly swag no less. 5:47pm

May 23 – Alexa is in meetings all day. Please leave a message at the tone. 9:32am – Alexa is wondering where people got their definition of “urgent”. 9:51am

May 24 – Alexa is really content after a day of meetings, friends and cold showers. 9:14pm

May 25 – Alexa is lunching with a birthday girl. 11:11am – Alexa is up WAY too early. 5:51am

May 26 – Alexa is back from the boat cruise. 5:00pm – Alexa is reaching for the Advil. 12:50pm

 May 27 –  Alexa is wishing coffee came Advil-flavoured. 9:44am – Alexa is unimpressed with the “plumbing emergency” keeping her from coffee. 10:11am – Alexa is working on a Patio Etiquette Guide. Suggestions welcome. 2:25pm

May 28 – Alexa is fighting the gushing waterfountains in her washroom. 12:56pm

 May 29 – Alexa is covetous. 10:41am-  Alexa is getting ed. 12:34pm

May 30  – Alexa is surprised to be at . 10:59am – Alexa is sexy, Pete says so. 5:22pm

May 31 – Alexa is in a mood. 2:46pm – Alexa is eating a melted chocolate bar. 6:45pm

June 1 – Alexa is going to see her photos on the ! 9:22am – Alexa is worried about that noise her camera is making when the lens retracts. 4:17pm

June 2 – Alexa is compiling a list of & Ottawa. 12:06pm – Alexa is self-indulgently photographing her own photos in the subway – and getting stares. 2:46pm – Alexa is annoyed that won’t post her links right! 2:55pm

Yesterday – Alexa is watching a chick flick. Shhh! 6:03pm

Today – Alexa is breakfasting. More coffee please. 9:59am – Alexa is coveting ‘s slick rating interface… and wants one for !!! 12:14pm – Alexa is wishing Customer Service was just that… service, not Customer Obfuscation. 2:17pm

Alexa is oversharing. RIGHT NOW. 

Alexa Clark

Alexa is a digital marketer and author with over 20 years in digital & interactive communications in the food and tech industries. Alexa's CheapEats Restaurant Guides, for both Toronto & Ottawa, were Canadian best sellers. She is a recognized authority on social media and has been named one of Canada's 20 Leading Women in Social Media.

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