Lex’s Busy Week In Media

This week was a surprisingly busy week for me in media. Especially since I didn’t really do anything media-worthy this week. Oh sure, I’m working on again, but none of this attention came from that.

Here’s where I showed up:

National Post –

Mini Black OutI’m asked my opinion as longtime area resident and business owner about the proposed changes to George Street & Seaton House.  Without the fuller context, my quote sounds a snobbier than when I said it (to me anyway), but it’s still pretty accurate.  New residents to the neighbourhood would need to be aware of the diverse nature of our neighbourhood before moving in or it could cause even more issues.  And of course they skipped the part where I said that we’ve had WAY more problems with the people who work at Seaton House and how they treat and disrespect the neighbourhood than with how the residents of Seaton House do.

The Book of Life Podcast – Podcasters Across Borders: Alexa Clark

While I was in Kingston this summer for Podcasters Across Borders, I met of The Book of Life Podcast. Community Divas In Action

Heidi is doing some great things with the  library at the Congregation B’nai Israel in Boca Raton and talked to me about BookCamp TO and Mini Book Expo over lunch at the Kingston Brewing Company.

Podcasters Across Borders: Alexa Clark sound bite

Heidi also interviewed , which is actually how my interview started.  I asked if she talked to Hugh about . They had covered and ( is a busy guy) but didn’t get time to talk BookCamp, so Heidi talked to me.

Spotlight Toronto – Spotlight Toronto Holiday Wine Guide

Malivoire Chardonnay MusqueI was invited to contribute a selection of wines for Spotlight Toronto’s Holiday Wine Guides along with 9 other wine-affectionados.

It’s a great list of wines, and frankly a great list of people to follow on twitter and possibly stalk around town.

A little surprised Suresh didn’t include his own list… hmmm should poke him about that.

Of course there is also the self-generated media, I posted the:

Foodists.ca – Stilton & Bacon Cheesecake

The Table

Much longer ago than I care to admit, I whipped up a little Stilton & Bacon Cheesecake to take to Jeff’s place for his much hyped-Baconstraveganza. The most impressive thing at the party was not my cheesecake, nor was it Jeff’s exceptional (a weave of bacon wrapped around a sausage stuffing), it was the vegetarian who came to a bacon party!  Shout out to Cheryl our new friend and brave soul!

So there you go, my media round up for the week.

LexnGer, on Flickr”>The Table

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