Gallery of CNE Food Vendors

If you can’t find something to eat at the Food Building at the Ex, you can’t find something to eat anywhere

To make it a little easier for you, I’ve pulled together a photo of ALL the Food Vendors in the Food Building at this year’s Canadian National Exhibition. From stuffed potatoes to dim sum, pickles on a stick to butter chicken, cabbage rolls to ice cream and waffles – you are guaranteed to have so many choices you’ll have to circle the place twice.

CNE Food Building Vendors

Gallery of CNE Food Vendors for 2013

[You can click here to see the full sized version.]

Here’s a link to a full list of the names and booth numbers on

I can’t guarantee that it’ll all meet your fussy food standards (or even mine) but I can give you a breakdown on the latest and “greatest” offerings and my opinions after tasting them all.  Just read –

What’s Being Served At The Ex – Cronut Burger, Nutella Fries, Bacon Lasagna.

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