Throw Back Thursday #TBT

Throw Back Thursday #TBT
Sometimes there is a stockpile of home brew and wine in the cubby beneath the stairs. #TBT to finding the last bottle of that incredible blackberry wine circa 1987.

Throw Back Thursday #TBT

Throw Back Thursday #TBT
I could use some spring and summer soon, so here is this week’s #TBT. Me  hanging out with Dani and Taura in the flowers outside the green house.  Obviously we all were experiencing the weather differently.

Throw Back Thursday #TBT

Throw Back Thursday #TBT
For today’s #TBT I’m celebrating one of my favourite people @matthewkantor Here’s the first photo I took of Matt, our first @secretpickle supper club, and my favourite photo of him from Spain. Happy Birthday Matt.

Leading The DigiTalks at the Digital ...

Leading The DigiTalks at the Digital Restaurant Project
On Friday March 14th,, I will be spending the day at the Digital Restaurant Project leading the DigiTalks discussing  the effects of online engagement for restaurants including reputation management, reservations,  and PR. Hosted by the Ted Rogers Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Research, this is the inaugural Digital Restaurant Projec [...]

Lobster Boil – Toronto 1984 ...

Lobster Boil – Toronto 1984 – Throw Back Thursday #TBT
In honour of tonight’s Rock lobster Food Co and Sobeys launch of Matty’s Seafood, I give you a #TBT of the first time I hosted a lobster boil in Toronto. I brought back 30lbs of live lobster from the Maritimes. 10 friends and a lot of beer, melted butter and lobster! It was a wild night. Do NOT ask about the lobster races.

Snow Falls on Little Italy

Snow Falls on Little Italy
It’s just so damned pretty out there!

Happy Mardi Gras – Let’s ...

Happy Mardi Gras – Let’s Eat All The Doughnuts
Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday or Paczi Day is the day before Lent.  I won’t go into what Lent is, because frankly I don’t have the background to do it justice. The gist of it is that you have to give up all the good things in your kitchen – lard, flour, sugar, eggs (and more) for Lent. The cool thing is [...]

Me & Mom Babbling – Throw ...

Me & Mom Babbling – Throw Back Thursday #TBT
This week’s #tbt was new to me when I found it in a drawer in the island a week or so ago.  I have never seen this photo, which is likely one of the first taken of mom and me. I’m pretty confident that the most frequent comment about the photo over the years has been “and she hasn’t stopped talking since.” 

Happy 10th Blogiversary! – A De...

Happy 10th Blogiversary! – A Decade of Blogging
10years ago today I decided to start blogging. 10 years! Where has the time gone?  Oh, right 1679 posts and 3045 comments, supported by 16,890 flickr photos and countless social media spaces… and of course so many friends and readers! So I am setting myself a challenge, because a Decade of Blogging seems to be a topic that deserves som [...]

Lex In A Papoose – Throw Back T...

Lex In A Papoose – Throw Back Thursday #TBT
Since I just got back from visiting my dad, this week’s #TBT is one of the first photos of the two of us. We were headed into the Saint John Museum and I was in the papoose Dad designed and made for me. It strapped on his back and boy-o-boy did we get a lot of strange looks in Saint John in the 1960s. Maybe more because he was one of 3 [...]

Today Marks 5,000 Twitter Followers.

Today Marks 5,000 Twitter Followers.
I was checking the new interface for twitter profiles today and found some Interesting round numbers. As of this screenshot I had 5K followers and was following 3600 twitter handles. Maybe not huge numbers but definitely not small. Of course I believe very strongly that in Social Media (especially in a personal sense) it’s all about [...]

Gin Thuya Snowball

Gin Thuya Snowball
Over the years we have developed a series of Snowball cocktails, the most recent of which is the Gin Thuya Snowball. I shared a photo of one and was asked how to make a Snowball, so I decided to post the full recipe here. Gin Thuya Snowball The Gin Thuya Snowball is perhaps the easiest of all our Snowball cocktails. The most complex part of [...]

Today’s View

Today’s View
It is snowy and blowy here. The walk to the outhouse this morning required snowshoes. I didn’t wear snowshoes. But it did require them. #mycurrentview

A Glimpse Into Today

A Glimpse Into Today
Hello -25, you sure are pretty. #unsweetenedca

Bombay in the Snow – Throw Back...

Bombay in the Snow – Throw Back Thursday
Today’s #tbt is in honour of tomorrow’s travel. I’m not banking on there being a bottle of gin but I will share a photo if there is.

Second Harvest Appoints Alexa Clark a...

Second Harvest Appoints Alexa Clark and Cheri Dueck Co-Chairs of Toronto Taste 2014
The big news I’ve been teasing you with is finally public – I have been appointed Co-Chair of Toronto Taste 2014! Second Harvest has appointed Alexa Clark and Cheri Dueck Co-Chairs of Toronto Taste 2014. Now in it’s twenty-fourth year, Toronto Taste, presented by The Daniels Corporation, is the city’s premier culinary event and single largest [...]


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